DJT Ballerz @ the Talent Show



On February 23 there was a talent show at my school. I wanted to do something cool and something I was good at. I also thought that my talent should be something that people like. My talent was basketball.  We did the song to “My House” by Florida. When it was try-outs time, me and my friends did the very best we could. But right at the end I dribbled the ball of my foot and it started rolling away!… but luckily I was able to get it back just in time for the end.

When they announced the people who were in the talent show- my group’s name was on the list that was posted outside the multipurpose room. We decided our group name should be the DJT Ballerz: The stands for Deven which is me, The stands for Travis which is my friend, and the stands for  Jack which is my other friend. When it was the day of the talent show me and my friends all wore Curry jerseys, wrist bands, and we colored our hair blue and yellow which is the Golden State Warriors colors. We had so much fun performing at the talent show! It was the best day ever!!!