Friday the 13th…

When I went to my cousins house one day me and my two cousins Dia and Dev were getting bored so Dia the oldest of us three came up with an idea. She said, “Lets make a movie on the I-movie.” So we did.  She asked me, “What type of movie do you want to do?” I said, “Scary!” So then we created a scary movie. The movie was about Friday the 13th. There were two kids who got captured on that same date every single year: Friday the 13th. The two kids were me and my cousin Dev the youngest of us three. The kidnapper was my older cousin Dia.

Click the link below to find out what happens on Friday the 13th.


My Trip to Lake Tahoe

lake tahoe

My family just got back from Lake Tahoe. We drove their on Saturday and towards the end of the drive I started getting a little car sick. That always happens to me on long car rides and on winding roads (like when I went to the top of Mt. Diablo).

It took us about 4 hours because we stopped to get smoothies and to stretch out our legs.I saw a lot of pine trees on my way there. When I got to the house, I was so excited to see it.  I had three beds in my room! I had a bunk bed and another bed. It was next to a playroom.  I slept downstairs with my dad the first night. The second night I slept all by myself (and nobody else was downstairs but me!) I was totally fine and I made it through the night…and  I can probably do it again… I think?


The next day, I went to the Lake and there was a small park and swing set on the sand. I had so much fun swinging and looking at the Lake, the boats, the birds, and the palm trees. That was also the day I learned how to swing by myself!!! I used my legs and body to keep swinging. I have been trying to do this for a long time and it finally happened on the trip!

Later that day, we went back to the Lake when it got warmer. I wore my swim suit and my dad took me jet skiing for the first time! We went all over the Lake and at first I was a little scared, but then I loved it. I kept telling him to go faster. After that, we stopped by an organic shaved ice place. I love shaved ice 🙂 Right when we were finishing it started to thunder and then it started  to pour really really hard. It was CRAZY.  I was screaming all the way back to the car. It was also fun.

When we got back,  I took a shower, changed into my pajamas, and sat by the fireplace. My mom, dad, and me watched the movie Chasing Mavericks. It was a true story about a boy who learned to surf and became famous. At the end of the movie, we found out he died and it was really sad. The first night, we also watched a movie about a monkey who checked into a hotel. It was really funny and I couldn’t stop laughing.

After the movie, the thunder and rain finally stopped. They actually had an emergency warning on TV because of all the thunder and rain. We decided to go to Nevada to check out some of the casinos in Lake Tahoe. I learned that Lake Tahoe is on the border between California and Nevada. So we went to Harrah’s and played arcade games. I played this game called “Deal or No Deal.” I kept hitting No Deal and then my dad finally convinced me to hit “Deal.” I won 200 tickets and I got a Lake Tahoe slinky and 2 smarties with it. It was awesome!


I really liked going to Lake Tahoe. My dad said it is also really nice in the winter time when it is snowing. He said we can go back in the winer again too!