The Final Presidential Debate




I wanted to share 4 highlights from when I went to the final presidential debate:

1. I liked the set-up of the debate. It was at the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The center was nice because there was a lot of lighting, there was red velvet carpet on the floor, and the seats were cushioned and very comfortable.

2. Before the debate I got to meet some famous people. First, I met a famous basketball player. His name was Kareem Abdul-Jabaar. He played in the NBA first for the Milwaukee Buimg_0998cks. Then he got traded to the Los Angeles Lakers. He gave me a post card of his new book that is coming out on June 6th, 2017. His college was UCLA and he had a famous coach named John Wooden. The next person I met was Jesse Jackson. He is a civil rights leader and use to work for Martin Luther King, Jr. 

3. During the debate, my Aunt created a Bingo game to help me pay attention to the debate. It had words that both presidential candidates might say. Some of the words were: Constitution, White House, and President/Presidential. I was able to get BINGO twice. 


4. After the debate, I got to meet …HILLARY CLINTON! I was all the way in the back and my dad did not think that I could go to the front to see her. There was a HUGE crowd in front of us! I asked him if I could try and took his phone in case I could get a picture. I ducked under people and had to shove myself into the crowd to get up there. I finally did and asked Mrs. Clinton if I could take a selfie. Mrs. Clinton said “Do you know how to take a selfie?” I tried to take a picture but my dad had updated his phone so I could not find the button. Then, someone said they would take the picture for us! She is a presidential candidate for the Democratic party. Her husband was the president from 1993-2001. Her daughter is Chelsea Clinton and she has 2 grandkids. Also, if she becomes president she will be the first female president of the United States of America!!!


Re-doing My Room For First Grade


This summer I decided to re-do my room for first grade. I use to have a Lightening Mcqueen poster, from the movie Cars. I liked cars and trains when I was around two or three years old and just kept that with me in my room. I also had a road rug that I use to drive my cars on. When I was four years old, I liked Spiderman. So I also had a Spiderman poster in my room and a bunch of superhero stickers all over my walls. I decided to take them all down because I have new interests now.

So let me tell you about what I like now that I am six years old:

Maps & Geography:

state map deskI like learning about America and the world. So I put up a big world map and a State map. My grandparents from Orange County travel a lot so I am excited for them to show me all the places they have gone. I am also going to keep track of all the places I visit in America and around the world. So far, I have been to these cities in the United States: New York, Washington D.C., Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Hawaii and Mexico.

Beach, Pool & Palm Trees:

I also like beaches and pools and palm trees so I bought a hand-painted oil painting with my dad. Whenever I can’t sleep, my mom tells me to think of a happypaintingdeven place and I think of the beaches and palm trees in Hawaii (I also think of Disneyland sometimes). Now I can look at my painting before I go to sleep!

Abstract Designs:

I changed my rug to an abstract rug  because I learned in Kindergarten that I liked abstract designs. I also like to draw abstract designs like diamonds, stars, swirly circles,  zig-zag lines, and twirly lines.

Sports & Books:sportsdeven

I have a Warriors poster because I like basketball and a mini-hoop above my door. I put the superhero stickers on my door because I still like some of them like Captain America.  When you open the door there is  a 49ers towel that I hung up that says “Who’s got it better than us? Nobody!” I also love books so I found a secret space for my books behind my door.


worldmapdevenI put my keyboard in my room and it is now in front of my World Map. I like having it in my room so my sister doesn’t bother me when I play. My piano teacher will be teaching me the Happy song by Pharrell Willams. I really want to play it for my talent show in April next year.