Hyatt Ziva, Los Cabos

Hey guys in this blog post I will be talking about my trip to Los Cabos and staying at Hyatt Ziva I hope you guys like it!

Here are some fun things to do at Hyatt Ziva. There is a bonfire every night at 8:30. There are also shows there like July 4th show, 70’s and 80’s, a Magic show and lots more! There is an adult pool but kids are not allowed in it but my parents hung out with me and my sister instead of going to the adult pool. There is another pool in the back with a sight of the beach and a swim up bar in it. There is a huge pool with a basketball hoop, volleyball net, and a soccer goal. In that pool that I was just talking about, every Tuesday and Thursday there is a foam machine where foam comes out from the machine, also there was different sized balls that everyone was playing with. They had music blasting with some of my favorite songs. I had a lot of fun with this humongous bouncy ball! It was basically, a foam party! There was also a kids club there with water slides and another basketball hoop in the water, the water was like 1 foot deep so you could jump in it. The other basketball hoop was actually outside the pool but you could shoot the basketball from inside the pool. On the fourth floor there was a grass tennis court and a basketball court without any water. Also there is a gym there were you can exercise and listen to music.  There is also a french restaurant that was only for adults. My parents went there and I baby sat my sister. We were on the third floor and all the stuff is on the third floor so my parents didn’t have to worry at all about me or my sister.


Helpful things you should know about Mexico and Hyatt Ziva:


Some helpful things you should know about is, if you get a room on the first floor because we did it is very very noisy. There was a conference going on when we were trying to sleep there was also another one in the morning at 6:30 am. Also, there was mosquitos in our room and was biting us throughout the day and when we were sleeping. We got a room right next to the kids club and it was very noisy there too. the next day my dad asked the a guy that works at the hotel if we can change rooms because of all the stuff I just mentioned he said we could move up to the 3rd floor. When we moved up to the 3rd floor we got excited because all of the restaurants and stuff are there.


Other things you should know about:


Some other things you should know about are the family pictures and the animal pictures. The animal pictures are pictures that you have with animals I got one with an Iguana and two parrots, my sister got a picture with one parrot because they were heavy. the family pictures you take on the beach. It is really cool. Me and my family got some. One of them was an action picture. The kids club also has a big bucket that falls on your head, it is like a waterfall!


Overall I really liked Mexico and staying at Hyatt Ziva! I wish I could go back and have a great time again! I had so much fun in Mexico, Los Cabos! It was really fun!!

Thank you for reading my blog post. I hope you learned a lot from my post.  Once again thanks to all of my readers for reading this blog post. Make sure you catch up on all of the other posts. They are really cool!


DJT Ballerz @ the Talent Show



On February 23 there was a talent show at my school. I wanted to do something cool and something I was good at. I also thought that my talent should be something that people like. My talent was basketball.  We did the song to “My House” by Florida. When it was try-outs time, me and my friends did the very best we could. But right at the end I dribbled the ball of my foot and it started rolling away!… but luckily I was able to get it back just in time for the end.

When they announced the people who were in the talent show- my group’s name was on the list that was posted outside the multipurpose room. We decided our group name should be the DJT Ballerz: The stands for Deven which is me, The stands for Travis which is my friend, and the stands for  Jack which is my other friend. When it was the day of the talent show me and my friends all wore Curry jerseys, wrist bands, and we colored our hair blue and yellow which is the Golden State Warriors colors. We had so much fun performing at the talent show! It was the best day ever!!!

Starting Basketball With Some of My Friends

evolution basketball academy

Starting Basketball with my friends is a lot of fun! My coach is named  Eric. He is very strict and also fun. We do a lot of drills that are kind of hard and also a little bit fun. Some drills we do are: crossovers and choppy feet I can’t tell you everything because you have to  go to (EBA) Evolution Basketball Academy.

My friends names are Adi, Ishan, Anoop, Sahib, and, Shiv they also play basketball with me. Our courts are in Fallon Sports Park. The name of our basketball team is Evolution Basketball Academy (EBA).