The Final Presidential Debate




I wanted to share 4 highlights from when I went to the final presidential debate:

1. I liked the set-up of the debate. It was at the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The center was nice because there was a lot of lighting, there was red velvet carpet on the floor, and the seats were cushioned and very comfortable.

2. Before the debate I got to meet some famous people. First, I met a famous basketball player. His name was Kareem Abdul-Jabaar. He played in the NBA first for the Milwaukee Buimg_0998cks. Then he got traded to the Los Angeles Lakers. He gave me a post card of his new book that is coming out on June 6th, 2017. His college was UCLA and he had a famous coach named John Wooden. The next person I met was Jesse Jackson. He is a civil rights leader and use to work for Martin Luther King, Jr. 

3. During the debate, my Aunt created a Bingo game to help me pay attention to the debate. It had words that both presidential candidates might say. Some of the words were: Constitution, White House, and President/Presidential. I was able to get BINGO twice. 


4. After the debate, I got to meet …HILLARY CLINTON! I was all the way in the back and my dad did not think that I could go to the front to see her. There was a HUGE crowd in front of us! I asked him if I could try and took his phone in case I could get a picture. I ducked under people and had to shove myself into the crowd to get up there. I finally did and asked Mrs. Clinton if I could take a selfie. Mrs. Clinton said “Do you know how to take a selfie?” I tried to take a picture but my dad had updated his phone so I could not find the button. Then, someone said they would take the picture for us! She is a presidential candidate for the Democratic party. Her husband was the president from 1993-2001. Her daughter is Chelsea Clinton and she has 2 grandkids. Also, if she becomes president she will be the first female president of the United States of America!!!


George Washington’s Tomb at Mount Vernon

George Washington


Going to George Washington’s tomb was amazing because my uncle got us the VIP tour. We didn’t have to go walk around Mount Vernon. My family and I got to ride around Mount Vernon in a golf cart. When it was time to go to George Washington’s tomb, there was a long line because everybody was trying to go in and pay their respects to George Washington. When we got there, they stopped the line and we got to go into George Washington’s tomb because we were part of the VIP tour. So anyways we got to go into George Washington’s tomb and they asked who would like to lay the wreath on George Washington’s tomb. My whole family picked me instead of my sister because she is only 3 years old. I know she’s going to be jealous when she is older. I also got to lead the Pledge of Allegiance after placing the wreath on George Washington’s tomb.

7 Tips for How to Play Madden

  1. Look at the rankings of the teams.
  1. Look for the open man on the field and make sure he is on your team. Otherwise you could get it intercepted. Once you throw it to your teammate run for a touchdown!
  1. To beat someone pick a team that is really good and has high rankings.
  1. If you want to change the weather pick a team and press A. You will see a screen go down to the bottom or the second last and you could change the weather. Bonus tip: If you change the weather to snow or rain this could cause players to slip.
  1. To intercept press Y.
  1. To change the level to high or low pick a team and press A. You will see a screen. The first tab is for the levels. I usually play Rookie.
  1. Once you picked a team you can change your uniform. Press A, go down to the second last or the first last press A and you will see socks, jerseys, helmet, pants, and shoes that you can change.

A Family Trip To Donner Lake

We just did a family trip to Donner lake. It was really fun. My mom and me got a sketch book and a special gel pen to outline with. I drew a tall tree, I drew a lake and I drew Kings beach . The first day I got to my house in Donner lake it was so big and awesome we dropped all are suit cases in are house. First we put my sister to sleep then my mom and I went to Safeway to buy groceries. On Friday we went to the Kings beach and a park and arcade games but that day was not a good day to go to the beach and the park and arcade games  because it was going to rain when it started raining there was thunder and lighting and it was awesome. My sister thought it was a monster. On Saturday me and my Da went jet skiing after that we ate lunch and got my sister some milk and then we went to back to the lake. Me and my sister dug a well and put lots of water in there. It was so cool.



Starting Basketball With Some of My Friends

evolution basketball academy

Starting Basketball with my friends is a lot of fun! My coach is named  Eric. He is very strict and also fun. We do a lot of drills that are kind of hard and also a little bit fun. Some drills we do are: crossovers and choppy feet I can’t tell you everything because you have to  go to (EBA) Evolution Basketball Academy.

My friends names are Adi, Ishan, Anoop, Sahib, and, Shiv they also play basketball with me. Our courts are in Fallon Sports Park. The name of our basketball team is Evolution Basketball Academy (EBA).

My First Football-Themed Surprise Party

On May 5th it was my birthday.  When I went to school and I opened my lunch box…and I had something I have always wanted… it was a pizza Lunchable! Yum!

I didn’t think that I was going to have a birthday party this year. I told my parents I wanted to take a trip instead of having a birthday party. So no one told me that I was really having a party. My parents, my grandparents, and my friends all kept it a secret!

When I got back from school I got so surprised because all my best friends were there. My friends are named Adi, Travis, Jensen, Jack, Ishan, Anup, Santiago and Shiv.

FullSizeRender (32)We played so many fun games! We played pin the football inside the field goal. My friend Travis won that game. We also played the “hot” potato game with a football. My friend Jensen won that game. Then we played Madden 15 on the X box. It was so cool! The teams were New England Patriots vs 49 ers we could only play for 5 minutes then we had to switch so everyone could get a turn.

That was the best surprise party ever!

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