We just did a family trip to Donner lake. It was really fun. My mom and me got a sketch book and a special gel pen to outline with. I drew a tall tree, I drew a lake and I drew Kings beach . The first day I got to my house in Donner lake it was so big and awesome we dropped all are suit cases in are house. First we put my sister to sleep then my mom and I went to Safeway to buy groceries. On Friday we went to the Kings beach and a park and arcade games but that day was not a good day to go to the beach and the park and arcade games  because it was going to rain when it started raining there was thunder and lighting and it was awesome. My sister thought it was a monster. On Saturday me and my Da went jet skiing after that we ate lunch and got my sister some milk and then we went to back to the lake. Me and my sister dug a well and put lots of water in there. It was so cool.




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