My First and Second Time Being the Ring Bearer

IMG_0352 (3)

The first time I was a ring bearer, it was for my mom’s friend Jane’s wedding. We were close friends and she asked me to be the ring bearer. The wedding was in San Francisco at the Hamlin Mansion. The mansion was built in the 1900s and is now an all girls school.

IMG_0354 (1)I practiced the night before at the rehearsal dinner. It was fun to meet everyone else that was in the wedding. There was also a flower girl that was my age. Her name was Sienna. It was nice to have another friend there.

On the wedding day, it was very cool. I walked down the aisle with everyone watching me. I was kind of nervous but everyone told me I did a great job and didn’t look nervous at all!

sipra2The second time I was a ring bearer, it was for my Aunt Sipra’s wedding. The wedding was in Livermore at a winery called Purple Orchid. This time I was not nervous at all because I had been a ring bearer before.

I got to walk in with music playing and I did a peace sign as I entered. It was fun, because my whole family was there and they were cheering me on!


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