Mr. Fogel: The Coolest First Grade Teacher


My first grade teacher is really cool. He has lots of fun activities in his classroom. He got money from donors choose to buy things for his class. I learned about donors choose when I was four years old. I had a “giving page” for my 4th birthday. Instead of getting gifts, I asked my friends and family to give money to my giving page. I raised almost $500.00 and was able to pick the classrooms I wanted the money to go to. This year, it was cool for my classroom to get stuff from donors choose.

Some things we have in our classroom from donor choose are  Ipads, a tAshree dimensional printer and architecture legos. My favorite architecture legos are the Empire State building, the White House, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Space Needle, and Big Ben. He also has a chess board posted up on the wall. I love to play chess and can’t wait to play it with kids from my class. This year, Mr. Fogel was also chosen to throw the first pitch for the Oakland A’s!

Mr. Fogel sits us in tables during class. Some friends that I made this year are Travis, Jenson, and Triston. I like to play kickback with them. It is a game where you kick a ball, and kids on the other side have to try and catch the ball. It is pretty fun. I like Mr. Fogel.  He is funny, nice and cool.




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