Playing Baseball for the City of Dublin

devenshortstop devenserious

I joined a baseball team this fall. I did T-ball last year but this time I am on a team that is more competitive. That means we play against other teams, like Livermore. We also play “outs” which means that if you get three strikes or if they tag you on a base you are out. For this season, sometimes they let you use a T if you can’t hit the ball with a pitcher throwing the ball to you.

The last game I played was against Livermore. We traveled to Livermore for that game. I never had to use thdevenoutfielde T when I hit the ball. When I was on the field, I played second base. I was able to tag two people out! My heart was kind of racing when I got the ball and was about to tag them out. After I tagged the first person out, I couldn’t wait to do it again. It was very fun to tag people out! I did not want Livermore to win because I play for Dublin. Another time, I played short stop and I almost caught a very high ball. I hope I get a chance to try again!  My parents say I have a lot of Dublin pride, and I agree. I think my sister will also have a lot of Dublin pride because I will tell her about how awesome it is to live in Dublin.


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