My First 5K with the American Heart Association (AHA)

clay deven dominic deven

I did my first 5K with my friend Clay and some of my mom’s friends. There was also a baby there named Dominic who was 15 months old. We were on Team AT&T because Clay’s mom works there. It was in San Ramon and it was for heart disease. We were raising money to help researchers find ways to help people with heart disease.

When we got there we got some snacks. I got a bagel and a banana. I ate the bagel and I was going to save the banana for later, but I didn’t end up eating it. Then I went to get a beating heart from a booth. My mom and I raised $250.00 for heart disease and so they gave us the beating heart. I decided to hold it during my walk and I also put in my pocket for some time. Later, I put it in a bag that the American Heart Association gave us for the heart walk.

When we started there was music and cheerleaders. Clay and I walked and ran a little. Clay climbed a tree! I walked up random hills. We tried to do a pull up on a bar that we found hanging on a structure to get some more exercise. We saw people that had past away from heart disease. They were being honored on posters by people who were also doing the walk with us. People also gave us high fives on the walk and there was a place to get water too. I didn’t need the water though because Clay’s mom gave me a bottle of water during the walk. I started getting a little tired towards the end. My ankle also started hurting a little but I finally finished! It was fun to do the 5K with friends!


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