When I Met Obama and Some Actors from the Movie Hangover


I met President Obama when I was five years old! My Uncle Pete works for Obama and was able to arrange a meeting for me, my mom, my  dad, my  sister and my grandparents from Anaheim. We met him at his hotel in Beverly Hills!

While we were waiting, I got to hang out with some of the guys from the movie Hangover. The did a silly High 5 move: They pretended to give me a high five and then they hit their head with their hand and hit the wall after that. It was pretty crazy. I didn’t really know who they were until all the adults told me that they were in a movie called The Hangover. I’m not allowed to watch that movie because it is Rated R. I wonder when I will be able to watch that movie….maybe when I’m 18?

Before we met Obama, my sister started talking really loudly in the waiting area. She was like 6 months old so her talking was really funny. She was just making sounds that were really loud.  Then President Obama said “I think there is a baby out there” and “I’m going to hold her.”

Then we walked in. I had my hands in my blazer pockets. When President Obama saw me he said “I like your style and how you are putting your hands in your pocket.” Then I shook his hand. It was very exciting. Then the rest of my family got to meet him. My sister Lara touched his whole face with her hand!  President Obama also held my baby sister for awhile.

mihirlaraobama laraobama2

After President Obama left, my Uncle Pete told me that President Obama walked down the hallway with his hands in his pockets just like me! On our way out, my mom asked the Hangover guys if she could take a picture because I was really excited to meet them but I really wasn’t that excited.  The Hangover guys said, “He doesn’t really look that excited” and then my mom was pretty embarrassed and said, “Ok, I’m really excited actually” and then we took this picture.





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