Re-doing My Room For First Grade


This summer I decided to re-do my room for first grade. I use to have a Lightening Mcqueen poster, from the movie Cars. I liked cars and trains when I was around two or three years old and just kept that with me in my room. I also had a road rug that I use to drive my cars on. When I was four years old, I liked Spiderman. So I also had a Spiderman poster in my room and a bunch of superhero stickers all over my walls. I decided to take them all down because I have new interests now.

So let me tell you about what I like now that I am six years old:

Maps & Geography:

state map deskI like learning about America and the world. So I put up a big world map and a State map. My grandparents from Orange County travel a lot so I am excited for them to show me all the places they have gone. I am also going to keep track of all the places I visit in America and around the world. So far, I have been to these cities in the United States: New York, Washington D.C., Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Hawaii and Mexico.

Beach, Pool & Palm Trees:

I also like beaches and pools and palm trees so I bought a hand-painted oil painting with my dad. Whenever I can’t sleep, my mom tells me to think of a happypaintingdeven place and I think of the beaches and palm trees in Hawaii (I also think of Disneyland sometimes). Now I can look at my painting before I go to sleep!

Abstract Designs:

I changed my rug to an abstract rug  because I learned in Kindergarten that I liked abstract designs. I also like to draw abstract designs like diamonds, stars, swirly circles,  zig-zag lines, and twirly lines.

Sports & Books:sportsdeven

I have a Warriors poster because I like basketball and a mini-hoop above my door. I put the superhero stickers on my door because I still like some of them like Captain America.  When you open the door there is  a 49ers towel that I hung up that says “Who’s got it better than us? Nobody!” I also love books so I found a secret space for my books behind my door.


worldmapdevenI put my keyboard in my room and it is now in front of my World Map. I like having it in my room so my sister doesn’t bother me when I play. My piano teacher will be teaching me the Happy song by Pharrell Willams. I really want to play it for my talent show in April next year.


4 thoughts on “Re-doing My Room For First Grade

  1. Hi Deven, your newsroom looks really good. Love how you have organized all the things you love in one room. Good luck for the new school year. ~Nimita kaki

  2. I loved the description of your room. Yes I want you to travel the whole world I see different people and their culture. God bless you.

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