What It Was Like To Be In A Commercial

My mom’s friend asked her if I could be in an Insurance Commercial for Indian channels. When my mom asked me, I told her I REALLY wanted to do it. I thought it would be cool to find out what it is like to be in a commercial.

So my mom dropped me off at her house in Pleasanton. We took a big van with 2 camera men and all of the characters: a Grandpa, a Grandma, a mom, a dad, a daughter, and me (a son).

We drove to San Francisco and pretended to be a happy family walking around on the beach. We also went to the park and ran around on the grass. We had to pretend to walk around, chase one another, and take pictures of each other. We did this a couple times to make sure we all looked good!

At the end, we celebrated a hard day of work by going to Cheese Cake Factory. I had a pizza and milk there.

Here is the commercial:


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