My 1st Boys Trip: From SF to DC With My Dad

Deven department of state

My first boys trip was so cool. My flight was from San Francisco Airport. I took United Airlines and got a aisle seat. I watched Little Rascals on the way to Washington D.C. When I got to Washington D.C., we took an uber car to my Aunt Parita’s and Uncle Pete’s house.

We went to Washington D.C. to see my Uncle become the Chief of Protocol for the United States of America. He was going to get the Ambassador Title. At the swearing in ceremony, I met Secretary of State John Kerry. When I talked to him, he told me that I looked good and then I told him that he looked good too. Here I am at the swearing in ceremony:


John Kerry gave me the Secretary of State coin. Here is a picture of it.

secretary of state coin

I also went to the White House for lunch and got to see the Oval Office. The Oval Office was so beautiful. My aunt’s friend is President Obama’s executive secretary. She gave me a goody bag with a frisbee, chocolate,  White House M&Ms, a yo-yo, and a picture of Obama’s dog!

My dad took me to the Washington Monument and the Abraham Lincoln Memorial at night. I loved seeing the lighted up Monument. It was cool to see it at night. I also lost my tooth in D.C. and the tooth fairy gave me a twenty dollar bill which is much more than I get in California. She also gave me the presidential coin.

When I got home, my Dad promised to give me his 2 dollar bill if I was making right choices in D.C. I have wanted that 2 dollar bill for a very long time because it is a rare thing to have. Guess what? I got a 2 dollar bill when I got home!


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