My Summer Break: Working hard…and Playing hard

Hi, my name is Deven. I am six years old and I live near San Francisco. Today, I’m going to write about what I’m doing over my summer break. My mom has taught me that you have to work hard and play hard. So this is what I’m doing this summer:

Work Hard:

1. Tennis class
2. Piano class
3. Swimming class
4. Reading class
5. Journaling at home
6. Doing timed math drills (addition) for 5 minutes but so far I have done it in 3 minutes
7. Going to Mathnasium
8. Reading Charlie and Chocolate Factory and Harry Potter
9. Learning how to type with my mom
10. Learning how to blog with my mom
11. & still thinking of more!

Play Hard:

1. Watching TV like Saved by the Bell
2. Watching Movies with my family and in the theatre (just saw Maleficent)
3. Playing and chasing my sister Lara who is one years old
4. Playing don’t drop the balloon at home
5. Going to a fun summer camp and taking field trips (like Chucky E’ Cheese, or seeing the USS Hornet)
6. Going bowling
7. Hanging out with friends
8. Playing water guns, football, soccer, and wrestling with dad
9. Playing board games (chess, Catan for juniors, Candyland, Sorry, Mastermind)
10. Cooking and Baking with mom (making brownies)
11. Legos with my dad
12. Taking trips (New York and DC)
13. & will be thinking of more!


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