Bow and Arrow for Engineering Day



Watch out!!! One day my friend said that we should do the engineering challenge so I said okay. The fifth graders had to do it, but we could decide if we wanted to (since we were third graders). After looking at some websites, we decided to make a bow and arrow for the engineering challenge.

After we built it we needed to test it out.  When we tried to test it out, it kept hitting people that were in my house, like my Mom. When we demonstrated it at the challenge, we were definitely hitting lots of innocent people that were in the way! One time, I got the arrow into the trashcan at school without even trying to. We built our bow and arrow with building blocks, straws, Popsicle sticks, and a hot glue thing that holds the glue.

DJT Ballerz @ the Talent Show



On February 23 there was a talent show at my school. I wanted to do something cool and something I was good at. I also thought that my talent should be something that people like. My talent was basketball.  We did the song to “My House” by Florida. When it was try-outs time, me and my friends did the very best we could. But right at the end I dribbled the ball of my foot and it started rolling away!… but luckily I was able to get it back just in time for the end.

When they announced the people who were in the talent show- my group’s name was on the list that was posted outside the multipurpose room. We decided our group name should be the DJT Ballerz: The stands for Deven which is me, The stands for Travis which is my friend, and the stands for  Jack which is my other friend. When it was the day of the talent show me and my friends all wore Curry jerseys, wrist bands, and we colored our hair blue and yellow which is the Golden State Warriors colors. We had so much fun performing at the talent show! It was the best day ever!!!

Friday the 13th…

When I went to my cousins house one day me and my two cousins Dia and Dev were getting bored so Dia the oldest of us three came up with an idea. She said, “Lets make a movie on the I-movie.” So we did.  She asked me, “What type of movie do you want to do?” I said, “Scary!” So then we created a scary movie. The movie was about Friday the 13th. There were two kids who got captured on that same date every single year: Friday the 13th. The two kids were me and my cousin Dev the youngest of us three. The kidnapper was my older cousin Dia.

Click the link below to find out what happens on Friday the 13th.

Exploring Muir Woods

img_3544Over the holidays, we had a bunch of aunts, uncles, and cousins at my house! They came from San Antonio (Texas), Albuquerque (New Mexico), New York (New York), and Orange County (California).

They wanted to spend the day in nature, so we decided to go to Muir Woods near San Francisco. When we were driving there we stopped to get Subway Sandwiches. When we got out I saw people wearing t- shirts and shorts and it was 32 degrees!!!!!!!!!!!! I could not believe it!

It was awesome seeing the big red wood trees. I remember learning about how the red wood trees are one of the tallest trees in the world.  There were smaller ponds around the trees. We saw tree trunks that had fallen down and were really massive! Here are some pictures.

On our way home, the sun was setting. We got an awesome picture.




The Marble Run Competition



My school was doing a marble run competition for 3rd through 5th grade. I brought a note home about the Marble Run. I read that it had to be 5 seconds long and you could build it by yourself or in a group. I thought that it would be interesting to do. We decided to create a group with my some of my friends that also wanted to compete. My friends names were Travis, Adi, and Ishan.

The first day we got together, we had a bunch of materials that were going to try to use to create a marble run: shoeboxes, cardboard, paper towel rolls, cardboard paper, plastic bottles, and string. We tried to build some tunnels, but it didn’t work out so well. Some of the group members couldn’t agree on what to do. We ran out of time. We decided that the next time we meet, we should each create a diagram.

The second day we showed each other our ideas and diagrams.  We started to build ramps in shoeboxes. We realized that the ramps lasts approximately 3-4 seconds. So we each decided to go back home and build our own ramps. We were then going to join them all together. The third day we put together all our shoeboxes and built a maze that the marble was going to go in through. And finally the fourth day we were just testing it out to see if it needed some final touches. I got to use a hot glue gun by myself for the first time!

Here is a picture of our marble run. It lasted 12.5 seconds!!!


Here are some other cool marble run ideas from students at John Green Elementary.

The Final Presidential Debate




I wanted to share 4 highlights from when I went to the final presidential debate:

1. I liked the set-up of the debate. It was at the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The center was nice because there was a lot of lighting, there was red velvet carpet on the floor, and the seats were cushioned and very comfortable.

2. Before the debate I got to meet some famous people. First, I met a famous basketball player. His name was Kareem Abdul-Jabaar. He played in the NBA first for the Milwaukee Buimg_0998cks. Then he got traded to the Los Angeles Lakers. He gave me a post card of his new book that is coming out on June 6th, 2017. His college was UCLA and he had a famous coach named John Wooden. The next person I met was Jesse Jackson. He is a civil rights leader and use to work for Martin Luther King, Jr. 

3. During the debate, my Aunt created a Bingo game to help me pay attention to the debate. It had words that both presidential candidates might say. Some of the words were: Constitution, White House, and President/Presidential. I was able to get BINGO twice. 


4. After the debate, I got to meet …HILLARY CLINTON! I was all the way in the back and my dad did not think that I could go to the front to see her. There was a HUGE crowd in front of us! I asked him if I could try and took his phone in case I could get a picture. I ducked under people and had to shove myself into the crowd to get up there. I finally did and asked Mrs. Clinton if I could take a selfie. Mrs. Clinton said “Do you know how to take a selfie?” I tried to take a picture but my dad had updated his phone so I could not find the button. Then, someone said they would take the picture for us! She is a presidential candidate for the Democratic party. Her husband was the president from 1993-2001. Her daughter is Chelsea Clinton and she has 2 grandkids. Also, if she becomes president she will be the first female president of the United States of America!!!